Sunday, April 6, 2008

Jazz Video Guy: Bret Primack

I don't know how I've remained unaware of this man's work until now. Bret Primack has been writing about jazz and jazz musicians for many years. In 1995 he co-founded the now-defunct mega-site Jazz Central Station and is now doing marketing videos for jazz greats Joe Lovano and Sonny Rollins through his company Planet Bret. As a midwesterner, the name Bret normally brings to mind another stellar individual, but we'll put Mr. Favre's career on the sideline for the moment.

If you love jazz as I do, you must visit Mr. Primack's page at YouTube. He has assembled a huge and varied collection of classic jazz performances on his JazzVideoLand channel. Many of them are his uploads but there are also recommendations of videos from other users. Make sure you have some time to spend before you click over there because I guarantee you will be ensnared by the great stuff you find.

Here's a wonderful tribute to Michael Brecker that Bret Primack created: