Sunday, November 25, 2007

A Little Humor

The church I play at every Sunday morning, like many churches (I guess), likes to call everything they do some kind of "ministry". So, there's the prayer ministry, the pet ministry, the children's education ministry, etc. My cohort Sarah dubbed coffee time between services the "caffeine ministry" and I have a codename for the pet ministry which for reasons of propriety I will not share here. Trust me, its funny.

So today I decided that I should call myself the "low note ministry". When I mentioned it to Sarah she said, "Oh, you're a fundamentalist." Hope you musical punsters appreciate that one. I then briefly recounted the story of playing in a club in the early 80's when author Alex Haley came in. When I saw him I stated playing just roots.


Anonymous said...

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David said...

That post should have had a SCF warning. Stands for "Swallow Coffee First".


You could have mentioned that you started a blog, you know.