Saturday, October 27, 2007

Improvised Inspiration

Inspiration to change one's routine can come from some unexpected sources. This week I purchased a new tool in my "practice more/obsess about it less" arsenal: a comfy, portable stool! Yes, something that simple has gotten me to my bass consistently for the past five days; I've even been working on things that have been historic stumbling blocks for me. I've been doing this out of actual desire as opposed to guilt, and that's a welcome change.

For bass players who have struggled with stance, balance and posture (as I have on and off for most of my career) I can recommend one possible solution IF you've decided that sitting may be the most efficient and comfortable way to play the beast: The bass stool made by Danny Shannon at This thing is lightweight. It sets up and breaks down easily. And it is as comfortable as the thick Yamaha drum throne I used to schlep around with me. The Quikseat is far better than any other bass stool I've seen and is well worth the $165 price tag.

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