Monday, August 6, 2007

Lyle Mays Video w/ Chicago Rhythm Section

Here's a link to a terrific video from 1992 of Lyle Mays' Quartet performing at a jazz festival in Rio.

The tune they play is a cool samba that I'm sure Lyle must have written. Members of the band are: Lyle Mays - piano, composer; Mark Walker - drums; Bob Shephard, soprano saxophone, flute; Eric Hochberg, acoustic bass.

I was fortunate enough have played many many gigs with Mark when he lived in Chicago, mainly in the 80's. I played with him when he was in his teens and he was a badass even then. Eric is a wonderful bassist who still graces various stages and clubs here in town. He blogs (as do I) at Jason Heath's fantastic resource for bass players.

FYI: I tried to embed this video but I couldn't get dailymotion's software to behave. No wonder youtube is so much more successful!

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